Springing Forward

Spring Forward and Flipping Off My Laptop

Tis today, Spring equinox 

I’ma set up all my building blocks 

And architect a different mindset 

Pen mightier than “Walking housepet

When is Spring supposed to start? I’m sick of all the waiting – oh,

Winter coat or windbreaker? I’m tired of debating though

And so I choose the lighter coat and pin my hopes on best-in-show

But as I skip down my deck stairs, I quip “Shirley, you jest. Mo snow??”


The sun is out, high in the sky as I skip into action

Out to my car, as I do shiv, my zest falters a fraction

By the time I’m walking dogs, Jack Frost – he’s nipping fiercely

Zipper up and hood in place, the stabbing wind does pierce me


My jacket is inadequate, my ears are frozen stiff

Icicles or frozen digits I cannot tell the diff

To hang up my Petsitter Hat, I fantasize all day

My body wracked with pain and sore, I struggle through dismay


My mind, it ceaselessly boggles 

Oh, how to don my Writer Goggles?

How shall I earn a dime? 

How shall I spend the time? 

Carve out a living with my words 

But still pay bills and tend the herds 

Of pets currently in my charge 

And household finances at-large?


Daily, I duly commit, to sucking up and pets to sit

So I can make my checkbook fat though truthfully, it’s not just that

I do enjoy Fidos and Spots, and playing with red laser dots

Scooping litter not so much, nor picking up dog poop and such


As one day melts into another, and I talk nonstop with Mother

Babbling on bout this-and-that, still not decked out in ‘Writer Hat’


Could you do me solidly

And share this with a friend or three?

I’d be most thankful, that’s for certain

And one day when I lift the curtain

To announce to you my new profession, I’ll admit to a confession

I’m only Springing Forward now cuz Falling Back scares me somehow

Though I’m terrified quite rightly, I work my ass off every nightly


Composing blogs and romance novels, in hopes that soon I will not grovel

For readership and validation since hopefully y’all like my station

And so I close out on this post and leave you with a song, a toast

To writing, though lyrics in my head defy my sleep -date with my bed

Tighten the Verses by Get Set Go


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